ASMAT Office is an experimental architectural firm that focuses on design and research. Founded in New York in 2017 and now based in Beijing, it strives to achieve the unity of art and rationality. Thus, ASMAT is renowned for its development of geometry and aesthetics, exploration of new materials and construction, and approach to integrating architecture and society. ASMAT, which stands for “AS Materiality,” emphasizes architecture and space as tangible matters, creating stunning visual and spatial experiences of daily life.

        ASMAT’s design works include a series of innovative buildings, interiors, art installations, and products that are recognized by various international awards and honors. Major projects include AirCube Fast Architecture (RedDot: Best of the Best, iF Design Award, Beijing 2022 Tech Fund), Balloon Pavilion (RedDot Award), SEESEA Boutique Hotel, Art House Project of East Village, Urban Public Art Project of MJP Community, Shidong CBD Twin Towers in Beijing (LEED Gold, China Quality Engineering Award), China Logistics Group R&D Park (Competition 1st Prize), Chifeng Sports Center in Inner Mongolia (Competition 1st Prize), Tokyo Industrial Design Museum, Oceanwide KO & KW Resorts in Hawaii (Competition 1st Prize), and Romantic Dream Coffee Packaging (iF Design Award).

        The founding partners are also active in nonprofit endeavors as founders of Art Life for Youth (ALY), an organization that supports the art and design education of children and teenagers.

         为物建筑设计事务所(ASMAT Office)2017年创立于纽约,现于北京设有办公室,是一个设计与研究并重的先锋事务所。事务所追求设计的艺术性和逻辑性的统一,关注几何学与美学的探索、建构与材料的研究、建筑与社会的融合。ASMAT作为“AS Materiality”的结合,强调建筑与空间作为物质的特性,从真实生活出发而创造出的视觉与空间感受。

      事务所从建筑学的基本问题研究出发进行实践,作品涵盖了建筑、艺术装置、工业产品等多个设计领域,屡获国内外设计奖,并多次在北京、香港、米兰等地展出。代表性作品包括:AirCube可移动建筑系列(RedDot: Best of the Best 红点至尊奖、iF设计大奖、北京市科技专项基金)、Balloon Pavilion青塔胡同气球馆(RedDot Award红点奖)、东京工业设计博物馆、百子湾CBD双子塔(LEED金奖、中国国家优质工程奖)、北京云台东村乡村改造计划、溪地美术馆改造、长阳公园边上的LOFT、夏威夷贝壳湾酒店(竞赛首奖)、海南白沙溪岸度假酒店、意大利阿布鲁佐天文爱好者营地、赤峰体育中心(竞赛首奖)、Romantic Dream咖啡包装(iF设计大奖)等。

       创始合伙人们也积极投身于艺术与公益事业,作为ALY (Art Life for Youth)非盈利组织创始人,用切身实际行动支持教育事业与帮助青少年儿童。