Samuel Bo Feng   

Founding Partner and Principal Architect

Samuel Bo Feng received his degrees in Master of Architecture from Harvard University and Bachelor of Architecture from Tongji University. Samuel began his architectural career at SOM Chicago, followed by his practice at FCJZ Architects. He has also been serving as a J-term lecturer at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Agnes You Jin

Founding Partner and Principal Architect

You Jin received her degrees in Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Master of Science in Conservation from The University of Hong Kong, and Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from Tongji University. She started her design career at PSC Inc., which was founded by Preston Scott Cohen, the former head of Harvard’s Architecture Department. During her studies at MIT, she was mentored by and worked for Antón García-Abril, renowned Spanish architect and MIT architectural professor.


冯博   创始合伙人 主创建筑师

哈佛大学建筑学硕士(GSD MArch Ⅱ),同济大学建筑学学士 ,国家一级注册建筑师。曾就职于SOM芝加哥总部、非常建筑事务所、哈佛大学设计研究生院J-term讲师。

靳悠   创始合伙人 主创建筑师

麻省理工学院建筑学硕士,香港大学建筑保护硕士,同济大学建筑系本科。曾就职于哈佛建筑系主任Preston Scott Cohen的建筑事务所和师从西班牙建筑师Antón García-Abril